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Owners Guide to Pet Safety:

Information on heartworm disease:

Pet Health Insurance:

20 questions to help you choose a pet insurance provider- Read More Here


How to Medicate Your Cat:

Your veterinarian may prescribe pills for your cat or kitten. Do you know how to successfully medicate your pet? Here are some helpful hints from Hills Pet Nutrition!

Environment, Behavior and Enrichment:

Do you understand your cat’s daily needs and behaviors? Visit these sites for helpful information and tips for a better life for your cat!


Introducing a new cat to the household:

Are you having trouble introducing your new kitten to your adult cat at home? Is this your first cat? Here are some tips for introducing any cat to you household.


Getting your cat to the vet:

Is it stressful for you and your cat when getting ready to go to the vet? Here are some tips on getting your cat into the carrier and visiting the veterinarian.



How to Brush Your Cat's Teeth:


Litter Box Management/House Soiling:

Click here for useful information

Microchip Information:

Learn More Here


Referral/Emergency Hospitals:

Longwood Emergency Information 


Boarding Kennels:


 Pet Sitting Services:

 The Cat Community:



Free Wellness Exam
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